Saturday, 10 August 2013

Looking to #promote your E-book on #Facebook?

If you're reading this, you're probably one of the many aspiring authors out there who have one or more e-books desperately looking for more readers. In the last few days an excellent new resource has been created to help you tap into the vast potential audience of Facebook users.
E-Book Specials Group

There are a great number of e-book groups, author groups and e-book promotional groups on Facebook. Finding good ones is tricky, finding ones that aren't just full of spam is even harder.

This new group has the advantage of being strongly moderated. Authors are encouraged to post announcement of promotions and freebie offers of their e-books but all posts are checked to ensure that everything is on topic and suitable for the group. We trying to foster a friendly and helpful atmosphere where authors can learn to maximise their potential and reach an ever growing number of potential readers.

Click here to see the Ebook Specials group.


  1. I belong to a number of author groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and there's just one problem with the self-promotion concept - unless your target audience happens to be other authors, you're basically wasting your time posting promotions and sales in these forums.

  2. That's why this new group is mostly targeting readers. Obviously we've had to get some authors to join first to get some offers going there to attract the readers, but now the effort is on appealing to readers.