Wednesday, 10 September 2014

iWatch? Obviously not!

So Apple have finally launched their smart watch product line, ending the bizarre speculation that it was going to be branded "iWatch". I could never see them going for that name as it would leave them wide open to far too many jokes and cause obvious problems with names for future variants.

If in future they, like the other smart watch manufacturers, move away from the 80s style rectangular slab design and produce a line of watches specifically for women, iWatch would immediately become the "iWatch Ladies". Not a good image conjured up by that one.
And what if they launched a kids or teenagers version? Apple Watch Kids has got to be a better option than "iWatch Kids".

The silly thing is we went through this before when a touchscreen iPod was just a rumoured future product. What was ultimately launched as the iPod Touch was rumoured to be named the iTouch. That would have completely ruled out a ruggedised kids version.

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